Elafonissi, one of the top beaches in the world, is located just 10 minutes from the hotel, at the southwestern tip of the prefecture of Chania. Hikers to reach the exotic beach must cross its shallow clear blue waters, while they will be immediately enchanted by the view of the unique pink sand formed by crushed shells. The beach is suitable both for couples, ideal for complete relaxation, and for families with children, as the shallow waters favor endless games in the sea.


Kedrodassos is located 2 km east of Elafonissi and just 12 minutes from the hotel. A hidden landscape, full of juniper trees that look like cedars, and sand dunes that will offer visitors the image of a tropical beach. The place is secluded without infrastructure for its guests, making it the ideal choice for travelers seeking the tranquility of nature away from noisy places.


Just one kilometer from the Glykeria Hotel, is Voulolimni. Surrounded by beautiful rocks and its turquoise waters, it resembles a small natural pool ideal for diving and swimming, while the last years it is a very popular destination for nudists.


White Lake, just 5 minutes from the hotel, is a hidden unknown beach with clear blue waters. It is a great environmental important place, as it is the westernmost colony of Phoenix Theophrasti, the protected Cretan palm tree. The beach is not organized, which characterizes it as ideal for quiet moments for its visitors.


The enchanting beach of Falassarna, is located in the western part of Crete, and in the past has been awarded one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. Its area is huge, while it consists of 5 consecutive beaches, with the 2 most central being the most popular. The sand is light in color, and in combination with its clear blue waters it offers a wonderful view, while it is one of the best choices for snorkel lovers. It also has shops where you can get food or refreshments, while on some of the beaches you can order them from your sun lounger. Ideal choice for water sports fans. In Falassarna you will find Jet skis, Subs, Crazy Sofa, Kano Kayak etc.
Balos Beach Glykeria


In the northwestern part of Crete, is one of the most beautiful places in the world, the lagoon of Balos. One glance is enough to understand that you are in front of a masterpiece of nature, which has left thousands of visitors speechless. To visit Balos you can take a boat from the port of Kissamos that run daily and it is definitely worth visiting such a landscape. Upon arrival at the beach, you will see an area of shallow water in all shades of blue and blue, while it has sunbeds and a small canteen to serve your every need.